The Wild Atlantic Distillery is offering a limited number of 188 casks to reserve for private investors. The casks are a limited-edition unique offering, inspired by the Wild Atlantic Way.

The Whiskey is made and produced at Wild Atlantic Distillery using locally sourced premium ingredients. It is distilled in our handmade copper pot still using a combination of traditional and modern skills to produce an exceptional spirit that will become your Private Single Cask Whiskey. So, you can be certain of consistent, premium spirit in every cask.

We hand select and source the very best oak casks (with full traceability) to ensure the right type of maturation. Our New Make Spirit has the finest and most exiting cask finishes, full maturation in Bourbon, Sherry, Port, Wine and Rum casks.

Each cask will be named after a specific point along Irelands most spectacular coastal route. Casks will be labelled and bottled bearing the name of these points, a unique expression of Irelands Whiskey making traditions.

Why invest in Irish whiskey?

Irish whiskey is the fastest growing spirits category of the past decade with sales volumes up 140%

Value of Irish whiskey exports is €890 million

Irish whiskey has grown from 5 million cases in 2015 to 12 million cases in 2020 and projected to grow to 20 million cases by 2030

5% global market share

Irish whiskey is sold in 140 markets globally

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Source: Irish Whiskey Association, report on Irish whiskey 2010 - 2020


Invest In A Private Whiskey Cask

Bourbon Barrel

200 litres

1st Fill Bourbon

We source our Bourbon casks from distilleries and cooperages in Kentucky, made from American oak, these casks impart flavours of vanilla, fudge and spice onto new make spirit along with a creamy texture and caramel colour.

  • Cask Type - 1st Fill Bourbon
  • New Make Spirit
£4495.00 Approx. 405 Bottles 70 Cl Enquire Enquire
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250 litres

Port, Sherry, Madeira, New Oak, Red Wine, Marsala, Sauterne

These casks provide a multitude of flavour profiles, from slightly drier to sweeter, adding complex notes of dried fruits, raisin and dried fruit depending on the cask chosen.

  • Cask Type - 1st Fill Bourbon
  • New Make Spirit
£5495.00 Approx. 500 Bottles 70 Cl Enquire Enquire
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500 litres

Port Pipes, Fresh Sherry Or 1st Fill Sherry

Butts and Port Pipes impart spice to the new make spirit coupled with dried fruits, berries, currants along with a slight dryness. Imparting a darker red colour to the final spirit.

  • Cask Type - 1st Fill Bourbon
  • New Make Spirit
£8495.00 Approx. 1000 Bottles 70 Cl Enquire Enquire
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Selecting a whiskey cask

  • We have established relationships that enable us to source highly unique casks, and we now have a unique variety available. No two casks are truly the same, and we will work with you to create a tailor-made experience and find your perfect match.

  • Understandably costs will change depending on the cask you have selected and how much spirit it has been filled with, but we feel it’s important that you have some connection and input into this very important part of the maturation process.

  • This year we will continue offering extremely limited casks, which will only be available for a set period. If you’re after that perfect gift for someone, or that unique business rewarding cask to bottle for colleagues in the future, this is something worth looking out for.

  • Our core cask listing is available all year round, but some casks will be limited due to demand and popularity, so please fill out our enquiry form to find out more. Price start from £5000 (not including taxes, VAT, bottling, and warehousing costs).

  • Prices quoted per cask under bond. Prices quoted exclude Duty and VAT.

  • The buyer is solely responsible for any customs, excise duty and other taxes incurred by removal from the bonded warehouse.


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