Get exclusive Membership and a unique slice of Irish Whiskey heritage when you join our Wild Atlantic Distillery 1921 Whiskey Club

This unique gift, gives you a lifetime membership and access to a bottle of our Limited Edition Single Malt Irish Whiskey bearing your own unique membership number, 1 of only 1921 bottles to be produced by our distillery in 2024.

As a member of the 1921 Whiskey Club you will receive:

A luxury gift box which includes a unique membership card, entitling you to free distillery tours along with exclusive opportunities to visit the distillery for special events, discounts on products from the distillery shop and any new future releases.  A unique Irish crystal Tuath tasting glass. 1 of 4 bottles of New Make Spirit. Whiskey stones and a history book of Irish Whiskey making in the North West of Ireland.

Exclusively your membership will give you an entry into the 1921 Whiskey Club Draw, where you can WIN your very own 200L cask of Wild Atlantic Irish Whiskey! The Winner, should it be you, will be invited to the distillery and work with our Master distiller to produce and barrel the Whiskey yourself.

For more information scroll below to reveal the more detailed benefits of the membership and how you can win your own 200L cask of Irish Whiskey in our Exclusive 1921 draw.

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What you get

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1921 Whiskey Club Gift Set - Wild Atlantic Distillery

As a member of the 1921 Whiskey Club you receive

  • A complimentary bottle (1 of only 1921) from our Limited Edition first distillery bottling of Wild Atlantic Distillery Single Malt Irish Whiskey (70CL), bearing your Membership Number

  • 4 complimentary 10cl bottles of our range of New Make Spirit expressions, 1 with your welcome pack and 1 per year until the 1921 release

  • Wild Atlantic Distillery history book of Irish Whiskey making in the last 200 years

  • Irish Whiskey Tuath tasting glass, with our logo in real Gold Leaf

  • 9 Whiskey stones in a velvet bag

  • A unique membership card entitling you to FREE entry for life (non-transferable) to the distillery tours experience

  • The 1921 Private Draw Ticket Number

Membership entitles you to the following benefits

  • Guaranteed First offer on Limited Edition bottlings and rights to your own bottle number, when applicable

  • Entry in to the 1921 Draw - To WIN your own Cask of Irish Whiskey

  • Exclusive opportunities to visit the distillery for special events

  • 10% discount on our Online Shop (T&C's apply)

  • Unique membership card, gets you special tastings of new products at our shows

  • Lifetime Distillery Tour Experiences

Copper Still - Wild Atlantic Distillery 1921 Whiskey Club - Wild Atlantic Distillery Copper Valve - Wild Atlantic Distillery
Wild Atlantic Distillery Cask

THE 1921 DRAW - A Unique Opportunity to Own your Own Cask

Your chance to own a 200L cask of Wild Atlantic Irish Whiskey. All members will be entered into a unique draw where they will win a 200L cask filled with New Make Spirit 63% ABV.

  • Your own 1st fill 200L bourbon cask

  • You will be invited to experience the Mashing & Fermenting process

  • Under the guidance of our Master distiller, you will run the distillation process

  • You will be invited to the distillery to fill your cask

  • You will receive a certificate of ownership

  • Your cask will be matured in our own bonded store for up to 10 years

  • All VAT & Duty costs are included

  • All Label Designs (with our help) are included

  • All bottling costs are included

This is a unique opportunity to experience the whole process of Whiskey production.

Wild Atlantic Distillery is all about patience – it has been 100 years since Irish Whiskey was produced in the area. Our first release will be in 2024, while our Irish Whiskey matures, you can enjoy New Make Spirit samples every year from our barrels so you can experience the maturation process.

Membership is the only way to access our first ever release.

The ultimate gift for whiskey lovers.

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